Kings Lynn Guide - About Us Page

This is our online site and hi folks, our names are Gill & Steve & we became attracted to web-sites around nine years ago.

This online site was made, applying a notion that we've already been perfecting for some time now, it was subsequently a whole lot of fun to attempt, quite frustrating in some instances, however ultimately rewarding, supplying an outstanding feeling of accomplishment & delight.

We routinely try to construct a web-site which is convenient to use and isn't too heaped with pop-up windows and advertisements.

We without exception aim to present information that is helpful on every last article, though we aren't afraid to own up to the fact that some of us have to create a modest income whenever possible, to keep the websites running, current and on the web.

It is our aspiration that you may have the same amount of enjoyment checking out the site, like we gained constructing it, we shall then be relieved we've done our goal successfully.

Have fun, Gill and Steve - Summer 2014.