Kings Lynn Guide - About Us Page

Here you are at our web site and hi all, we are Gill and Steve and we got focused on internet websites around nine yrs ago.

Giving us an incredible feeling of triumph and pride, we created this internet site, implementing a good idea that we have actually been using for a time now, it has been extremely really frustrating on occasion, and yet lots of fun to try and in the long run satisfying.

Easy to navigate web sites are our target, and web sites that will not frighten away our website visitors with all those maddening pop-up windows, persistently trying to sell you something that you don't need.

Coming up with helpful data on pretty much every web page of our web site is in fact our prime goal, even though myself and steve still have to earn a living so as to continue to keep it all working, so you may see some advertisements, so please excuse us for this, we strive not to ever go over the top.

If you might have just as much fun from checking out the website as we gained creating it, then we can be proud that we have carried out our goal effectively.

Have fun, Gillian and Stephen - Summer 2012.